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Who Are We?

Save yourself from the hassle of handling too many cases that need to be resolved. Hire your own private investigator from Malaysia for a thorough and guaranteed research and investigative work.

Do you find yourself requiring extensive research jobs?  You can certainly benefit from the services of a professional private investigator. They are trained to conduct thorough background investigation, case analysis, data gathering, and evidence search. We cater to all types of cases, whether it’s personal or corporate in nature.

Our Services

Our services cover all kinds of plumbing problems. We can fix any issue with our client’s water system or drainage system. These services can be availed through our website. The plumbing contract will include the scheduled visit and repair work that will be done. Here are our service descriptions in detail.

Business and Business Partner Investigation

A dedicated corporate investigation service Malaysia, which primarily business partner background check. Every business partnership is a welcome development for any company, however, it also pays to equipped with all the necessary information for the partnership that you are getting into.

Matrimonial Investigation Services

Spouse investigations are among the most sensitive cases to handle, but we guarantee the best private investigators in Malaysia to handle this with utmost confidentiality and secrecy. Apart from proving or disproving an extra marital affair,

Pre-Employment Screening Services

There are some tasks in the office that are better outsourced, for better productivity of the team and for a more thorough results. One of which is an employee background check. We step up your usual background checking routine, and leave no stone unturned. ​​​​

Missing Person Services

Fast and trusted team that are trained to locate personalities. Never waste a time to find a family member, friend, loved one, or colleague. Hire a private investigator to do the job for you. Our team has a wide network across Malaysia to facilitate a swift process of finding missing persons,

Fraud Investigation Services

Malaysia’s leading fraud investigation team is here to lend a hand. A financial fraud can be a stressful thing to deal with. It can derail several business and personal transactions, and may even threaten the stability of a business. To cut the hassle, our fraud investigators can handle it for you..

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